How to Save Hundreds on Your Landscaping

Ok guys for the last month I have been talking about meal planning and shopping for your ingredients in order to save as much money as possible, now we are going to switch it up and go a whole different direction because when it comes to family life food isn’t the only place we need to be trying to save money. If you are like me the gardening bug is bitting at you but the weather is not being so cooperative this year. I love spring time! The flowers blooming, the bright colors popping out of the once brown and grey earth. The smell of the fresh rain. It’s like the world is saying it’s time to renew. 

With this harsh winter that we all just had spring is a welcomed thought. It is time to get the indoors clean and fresh and time to get outside in the sun and get your hands dirty! But before you go out and buy all your new plants here are some things to consider to save you money.

Learn how to save money while landscaping your yard.

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Now is the best time to buy gardening tools and accessories

Right now stores and retailers are putting their gardening tools ,planter pots and lawn ornaments on sale. They know that you will be using these things so in order to move their products the retailers have sales going on just about all of it. So you would probably be ok to purchase these items now.


It’s NOT the best time to buy  plants and trees

While there are some sales on plants, seeds and trees right now retailers know that most people who garden are going to buy these items right now, no matter what the price is. If you want to get the most for your money and stretch your landscaping budget you should wait to buy these things until mid summer to fall. During that time stores and retailers are shifting into fall and winter merchandise so they want to get these items out. You can get a better price on things like trees and shrubs if you hold out just a little while longer and it will still be ok to plant these plants at that time.

I did cave and I bought a few because our new house had NO landscaping what so ever! And I have a huge garden area that I am dying to use plus it has to get planted in time for canning season so …I caved and bought my seeds for my vegetable garden and some plants for landscaping. Toward the middle/end of summer I plan to go and get some more but for now the ones I have will have to do. If you must buy your plants in early spring you can find seeds fairly cheap.

How to get FREE and cheap plants

Does that say FREE? Yes it does! Plants and trees and shrubs can become very expensive fairly quickly if your not careful. I really want to be able to look out my windows and see flowers blooming and butterflies and humming birds, in order to have that without blowing my budget I am going to have to get creative and find them cheap or free. Here’s how you can too. 

Ask your friends family and neighbors. When it comes to perennials (they come back year after year) people will sometimes need to go through and thin out what they have. If they know that you are looking for plants you may be able to score some for free. Some trees send off their seed like crazy ( like right now I have a ton of tiny little trees growing everywhere that I don’t want them) so you may even be able to get trees and bushes for free too. 


I find perennials on clearance and plant those so that I can grow more and replant them in other areas of my flower beds. You will be able to find more perennials on clearance later in the summer. If the flowers are slightly wilted the retailers have to pull them from their shelves because they don’t look as pretty but with a little nurturing you can bring them back to a beautiful plant and save yourself some dough. 

You can also try propergating (regrowing plants from cuttings). If you are successful you can find plants to regrow all over the place!

A few extra tips to remember when gardening

Before you buy any plants, shrubs, or trees be sure you look up a garden zoning calendar first. Not all plants can be planted everywhere. If you are buying from a local nursery they should carry the plants that will grow well in your area but if you are ordering plants offline you will definitely need to know what zone you live in to insure that your plants will be able to survive.

Look at the tag that comes with the plants. It will tell you if you need to plant it in full sun, part sun or shade. It is a good idea to know where you want to plant things before buying them so you can watch that area and see how much sun or shade it gets in a day.

Finally, you want to buy all season plants so that you can have beautiful blooms all year long. If you are going to put in the time and money for a beautiful garden then you should be able to enjoy it all year long right?

So remember my friends buy your tools and planter now and buy your plants on clearance or get them for free to stretch that landscaping and gardening budget! If you have any gardening tips you would like to share please leave me a comment below and best of luck on your gardening journey!

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 Until next time!

10 thoughts on “How to Save Hundreds on Your Landscaping

  1. I have the blackest of all black thumbs but really hope to get into gardening once we buy a house in the next couple of years. Thanks for the tips, especially about now not being a good time to buy plants and trees - I had no clue!!

    • Jamie -I didn’t either until I was shopping a few weeks ago for my seeds and the few plants that I got on sale and I was talking with one of the sales associates…he is also the one that told me about the clearance and how if the plants are slightly wilted they have to pull them…but he said to come back later in the summer for cheaper perennials. Good luck with buying a house and your future gardening!

    • Bailey- Clearance + coupons= double score! Trees are very expensive I agree I will have to keep an eye out for coupons too. Thanks for the tip!

  2. OMGosh love the point about getting it for free through asking neighbors! it almost seems like such an easy answer yet I never thought of that. Thank you!

    • Archie- it really is and if you can get like tulips or pro’s they double year after year and I was able to fill the entire side of my old apartment with free flowers from a neighbor

  3. I have terrible allergies and do not spend much time outside. My husband has been a master at finding affordable lawn tools but these are great tips about seeds and plants. We need new shrubs so this may be very helpful.Thanks.

    • Camesha- some plants are easier than others that’s for sure. I can grow mostly everything in my vegetable garden but for some reason I have the hardest time with tomatoes and I have heard others say tomatoes are the easiest to grow. I guess I will just keep trying with you. It is definitely a practice and patients kinda thing

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