The #1 Baby Must Have-Even if you aren’t pregnant you need this too!

Having a baby can be an exciting time in your life.  I know that when you first find out that you are pregnant you are thrown through a whirl of emotions. You are excited, scared, nervous, stressed, everything all rolled into a ball of emotional mess. 

Then you take a nap!

After the initial feelings and emotions have started to subside you may start to plan. You start planning a baby shower, the nursery and names. You may even start to clean…everything! 

Then you take another nap, well, because growing another human being inside of you is hard work!

Once you have caught a second wind you may begin to think of all the stuff you are going to need to care for this new little life you are about to become fully responsible for. You may start buying everything on the must have lists, planning your delivery plan, reading all of the baby books and blogs and you have a ton of Dr. appointments to go to. And once again you are a mess.

Ok, this may not be how your story is going but it sure was mine. Before you get to far into planning and doing everything let me share with you the most important thing for you to have when bringing a child into this world. With this information I do not want to send you into a panic or raise your anxiety levels anymore than they already are, I just want to stress how important I feel that this ONE thing is..It can save lives…and it may very well be the cheapest thing you invest in in the next 18+ years to come. I know you have a lot on your plate at the moment but this is not something to be overlooked.

My #1 Tip For Expecting Parents

Do you know what to do if your child/baby  starts choking?  Or how about if they stop breathing all together?  Heaven forbid you are ever faced with one of these situations but it is better to be prepared and not need it than to need it and not know what to do. These are not situations that you want to be searching google trying to find an answer. Before you sign up to take a birthing class  I suggest that everyone wo is having a baby or even whoever will be watching your baby (grandparents, friends, siblings) all take a CPR class BEFORE your baby comes.

Like I said before I by no means want to send you into a panic and this is not meant to scare you in any way.  Despite our best efforts as parents we can not protect these little creatures from absoultely everything. 

Think about it this way.  We have insurance on our cars, our houses, our lives and so on and that insurance is there in case something may happen and we need it.  I like to think of taking a CPR class as another form of insurance. You hope and pray that you will not need it but you can find comfort in knowing that you know what to do if the situation may arise.  

So Where Can You Find a Class? 

 Or call 1-800-REDCROSS.

You can also talk to your doctor and ask if the hospital offers any CPR classes or check at colleges near you. 


 I hope that I have not stressed you out to much. I hope to just bring an awareness to the importance of being prepared for every aspect that this new adventure you are about to begin. It is exciting and wonderful in every way! So get on it right now, go sign up for a CPR class and a birthing class then get back to planning away (or take a nap, its up to you). Best of luck to you new mommy, you are about to begin the best adventure ever!

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