Summer Activities For The Kids That Won’t Kill Your Budget

Summer break is right around the corner and you know what that means….the kids are once again yours, all day! Summer break is fine and dandy for about a day or so maybe even a week. Keeping the kids busy and entertained all summer can be quite a chore and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. To avoid the boredom battles and save you some money check out these 10 cheap and free activities for you to do with your kids this summer.

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Free Bowling

On those hot summer days when it’s to hit to be outside but you still want Your kids to be doing something active check out Your kids can bowl two free games a day all summer long at participating bowling alleys. has participating bowling alleys all across America and Canada. You simply go to and either search for ones near you or search by state. Then you register for your Free games it’s really that simple. (Not all places include shoe rentals and it is for 18 years and younger)

Summer Movie Express

Participating Regal movie theaters have $1 movies all summer long on Tuesdays and Wednesday starting at 10a.m. To see all the movies showing this summer and a list of participating movie theaters click this link to be taken directly to it.

Free Movies in the Park

Around where we live a lot of parks have started free movies in the park. They are usually once a month at dusk. It’s kind of like a drive in movie but without the cars. You can bring a blanket or lawn chairs and snacks and enjoy a free movie projected onto a big screen. Check around your area to see if any of your local parks are doing the same thing.

Library Reading Program

Just because school is out for the summer doesn’t mean that the learning and reading has to stop. Many libraries have summer reading programs that they offer to the kids. This is a great incentive to keep your kids reading all summer without you having to nag them to do it. Plus you will save tons of money by checking out books rather than buying a new one each time the finish a book.

Free Library Activities and Events

While you are at the Library be sure to check out their summer activity schedule. Many libraries bigger activities all summer long to keep kids engaged and learning. They even offer story time for the little ones. This is a great time for kids to be able to connect and interact with other kids their age as well. 

Lunch in the Park

My kids alwayslove to go to the park and play for some added fun this summer we will be picnicking in the Park as well. Wrap up some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and bring a blanket and have lunch in the park. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy. My kids enjoy it when they get to eat anywhere other than the kitchen table. If you don’t feel like packing a lunch for all your kids you can have a free lunch in the park. To ensure that kids are fed throughout the summer there are free lunch programs all over the contry. Go to to check out the Summer Food Service Program and locate one near you.

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Building Workshops

Home Depot’s Kids Worshop is every Saturday. Times and locations may very. You can go to Home Depot’s website for more information or ask someone about them the next time you are in their store picking up your DIY supplies.

Backyard Camping

My kids love when we have a backyard camping trip! You can have a full blown camping adventure right in your backyard. Get some hotdogs, Smores supplies, a small grill, and set up the tent and have a campout. This is great for the older kids, they love it! If you have little ones you can do a half camping trip and leave the tent out of it. You can still cook the hot dogs and Smores and play some games, the only difference is you’ll sleep inside. I love these kind of camping trips because I don’t have to pack and load everything just to unload and unpack it when we get to where we are going

Go Geocaching

There is nothing better than getting the kids outside and encouraging their use of imagination and problem solving. Plus everyone loves a good treasure hunt! All you need is an iPhone or Android app, download the app and get geocaching. There is a world of possibilities out there for more information on how to get started to

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Stem Activities

Now this one may require a bit more planning ahead of time but I absolutely love stem activities. If you are wondering what the heck stem activities are let me tell you that stem stands for science, technology, engineering and math. To find activities and ideas for things to do simply go to and type stem activities into the search. There you will find thousands of stem activities To do with your kids this summer. The best part about this is that most of these activities can be done with stuff you already have around your house.

To Find More Fun Activities For This Summer
Facebook Events page has been awesome when it comes to finding things for us to do. Being that we just moved to a new town I am trying to get out and explore what there is to do around us and I have been able to find a ton of ideas there.

Also check out You can pull up a calendar of local events near you.

Well guys I hope this short list gives you some ideas to start with what to do with your kids all summer. Remember that keeping them busy and entertained this summer shouldn’t break your budget. Only a few more weeks and our madness begins, I’ll be thinking of you all! Do you have any fun, cheap or free activities that you love to do with your kids during summer vacation that aren’t listed above?

Until next time, Amber

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