How to Earn Money Form Home Just by Shopping

Halloween is over so I guess we need to officially start talking about Christmas. I know we still have Thanksgiving, believe me I haven’t forgotten about Thanksgiving I love to eat and spend time with family. Thanksgiving is probably one of my favorite holidays of all so believe me I will be talking about Thanksgiving too but if you want to avoid the stress of the holiday season and not go spending your power bill on gifts or maxing out your credit cards it’s best to start preparing well in advance. Normally I would suggest shopping for Christmas year round but if you haven’t done that yet let’s get started now.

This post may contain affiliate links which means that the companies I recommend pay me a small percentage if you choose to purchase something from them (at no extra cost to you). I only recommend products that I use and love! For more information on this check out the full disclosure page.

I recently made a purchase for myself (something that I rarely do) and it came with a pretty steep price tag. I bought a new fitbit. Not just any Fitbit I bought a Fitbit Blaze. Now, like all of my purchases this wasn’t just a run out and buy it type thing. I did my research (for months) literally i have been looking at them since December of last year and while I knew which one I wanted I just wasn’t sure I wanted to spend that much, until I found a killer deal!  

I made money buying my Fitbit. So, this is something I was already going to buy and the stores paid me money back to buy it! In total I was able to  make $44.50. Here’s how I did it.

I shopped through and shopped Kohls website where Kohls was having their Kohls cash sale going on (they usually have this around the holidays as well). For every $50 I spent I got $10 Khols cash back. My son and daughter’s birthdays were coming up so i knew the kohls cash would be used. At the time they had fitbit blaze on sale for $149.99 which they bumped that last penny up. Through Khols alone I made $30 back.

Each store has their own money back amount so on Amazon you might get 3% cash back and Wal-Mart might you might get 6%. You can simply look at all the stores you are thinking of shopping at and choose which one has the most money back and best sales and deals (yes, they show you all of that too) or you can search a specific store and their sales and coupons and shop. 

Right now ebates will give you a $10 gift card to Walmart or send you a check for $10 when you shop through their site. If you are going to be shopping online this holiday season why not get paid to shop? They are now offering in store money back too! You are already going to be buying Christmas gifts anyways right? Why not put some money back into your pocket this holiday season. What’s not to love about that?

So in total I spent $149.99 for my Fitbit. Here it she break down of what I spent again and how I did it.

$149.99-$30 (Khols cash)=$119.99-$14.50 (ebates)=$105.49-$100 ( gift cards)= total spent $5.49

I had $100 in gift cards saved up from Christmas and my birthday. I got my Fitbit Blaze for a whopping total of $5.49! Not bad, not bad!

So what are you waiting for?  Click the link below to claim your free money!

Shop Ebates Now

Happy shopping!

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7 thoughts on “How to Earn Money Form Home Just by Shopping

  1. I love to use ebates. One of my other favorites is the Walmart shopper program too. You get cash back if they find a store that has the product for cheaper.

  2. This is great thanks! I hear so many success stories and have an account already but always forget to use. Thanks for sharing! This was a much needed reminder.

    • Brandi I had mine for a while before I used mine too but with Christmas coming up there is no better time than now to combine all the savings opportunities.

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