Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

When it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday is one really better than the other? That may all depend on who you ask.  If you were asking me my personal preference you would probably never find me out on Black Friday but I know some people that LOVE it. I personally prefer to shop Cyber Monday.  It is so much nicer to me to be able to shop from the comfort of my own home in my jammies and not have to hassle with the crowds.  But you don’t have to choose. You can do both! But let’s take a more in depth look at both options.

Should I go out on Black Friday this year???  Am I passing up some great deals? Is one really better than the other?  To decide this for a fact lets take a look at the pros and cons of each.

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The number one con for Black Friday for me would be the crowds and long lines.  I am not interested in standing in lines for hours on end just to save some money.  Not to mention where I live it is already cold so yeah that is a BIG Con.  Another con of Black Friday is the times.  I am sorry but since when did it become so important that you need to scarf down your Thanksgiving dinner and rush out the door leaving your family behind on the one day that is supposed to be dedicated to family and being thankful for what we already do have?  We are supposed to be giving thanks for all of the blessings of family and the things we have in our lives that sometimes we may take for granted and instead we are running out to go buy more stuff and over looking the true value of the day.  If the sale doesn’t start on Thanksgiving than it is more than likely going to be an early early morning on Friday.  Did I mention I am NOT a morning person either?  If the doors open at 5 am chances are people will be lining up at least an hour early so if you want the door buster deals you better plan accordingly.  I know one store in particular near me that people camp out all night long.  And speaking of times you better have your stores and your times of each sale mapped out so that you can try and make each sale.

While Black Friday does have it’s list of cons it’s not all bad. Some of the Black Friday pros are the exclusive deals or door busters. You more than likely will not find deals like these online on Cyber Monday. You also get to physically touch the item before you put it in your cart and purchase it. For some things this is a must! You also will not have to pay any shipping fees.  Probably the biggest pro for Black Friday is that this is the day that you will find your best deals on electronics and appliances according to the shopping gurus.

So let’s talk about Cyber Monday. It also has its pros and cons as well.  When shopping Cyber Monday  you have to be fast to catch the deal.   One second it may be there and the next it is gone.  So you better be on the site and have your stuff in your cart and paid for before someone else gets it.  When you are shopping online you are not only competing with those who live in your city but you are shopping with people nation wide and possibly world wide so you really have to be fast.  Because of the high demand of products and large audience of shoppers you are not always guaranteed to get what you ordered in time for Christmas of whenever you may need it.  The stores may say that it will arrive in 3-5 days but due to unforeseen circumstances you may not actually get it for several weeks.  So you will want to shop accordingly.

Like I said Cyber Monday allows me to shop in my jammies from the comfort of my home which is probably the biggest pro for me personally.  Some of the other pros that Cyber Monday offers is that you do not have to wait in lines for hours and hours and you can avoid shipping fees at some stores with the ship to store/ in store pick up option.  When shopping online this Cyber Monday you wont have to worry about wasting time traveling from store to store just to hit the next sale.  You can easily pull up all of the stores that you would like to shop at in a new tab and with a click of the mouse, switch from store to store and now with smart phones you can literally shop any where.

Whether you choose to shop Black Friday or Cyber Monday this year here are a few tips to keep in mind to help you out.

 1. Make A Budget

Having a strict shopping Budget or limit will help to ensure you don’t overspend or be     tempted to pull out the credit cards. Whether you budget per person of per item make       sure to have an absolute total that you will not overspend

 2. Have A Shopping List

Make a shopping list of each person that you plan to purchase for and think ahead of     what you would like to get for them or what it is that they would like.  Having that   shopping list will help insure that you stick to your budget and don’t overspend this   year.

 3. Don’t Get Distracted By The Hype

With all of the sales going on and the rush of people it is easy to get distracted and     caught up in it all.  Above all else keep your budget and your shopping list in the   forefront  of your mind.  You don’t want to go spending your power bill or racking up   some crazy amount on your credit cards.  NO gift is worth that! No FOMO (fear of   missing out)!

4.  Do Your Homework

You need to make your budget and your shopping list NOW. Don’t try and do it the night before or at your Thanksgiving celebration. Save yourself a headache and do it now.  Also look over your ads and start planning where you will shop in what order.  Do some research on the items you plan to buy as well.  Maybe your mom wants a RUMBA this year.  Look and see what style and model will work best and is at the best price before you start shopping.  Stopping to debate on which one to buy just might cost you your deal.

5.  Map Out Your Stores

As I mentioned mapping out your stores as part of doing your homework but it needs to go a little deeper than that.  Pull out all of your Black Friday ads and do some price comparison now.  Cyber Monday deals are not really printed and mailed out so if you don’t want to go to each website to search their deals you can find it all in one place by simply going to 

If you will be shopping online this Cyber Monday don’t forget to shop through ebates and get paid to shop. Click my link here and get paid $10 right now.

There is one more savings day to get your shopping done that falls right in the middle of Black Friday and Cyber Monday that you should also keep in mind.  Small Business Saturday!  Don’t forget to get out and shop your local stores and see what is right in your back yard.  It is so important to shop local and support those small ma and pa shops.  I know how hard they work and they do it because their heart is usually in what they sell. So don’t forget to get out and check out some Small Business’ this Saturday. 
Best of luck to you ALL this shopping weekend and may you all have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving!  From my family to your HAPPY THANKSGIVING


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