​How a Family of Four Can Start Saving $2,248 a Year (By doing this 1 Thing)

Whether you are moving to a single income because you have decided your husband or you are going to stay home with the kids or you are just trying to find ways to cut back on spending in general have I got a tip for you.

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When I first became a stay at home mom I made it my job to find ways to cut our spending any way that I could. I learned to cut our grocery bill by more than half and what it costs to raise the kids in general.  I also found other money saving tricks that I will be sharing here at momgonefrugal.com so be sure to follow along with me.

 Another huge savings trick that I use is cutting our own hair.  It literally saves us THOUSANDS of dollars a YEAR.  I had no idea how much we were really spending when it was $20 here or $20 there but I sat down and did the math.  Here is what I discovered.

For this post I used the national average of what people tend to spend at a salon or barber shop.  You may spend less or you may spend more depending on where you live. I also am using a family calculation of two boys and two girls.

The national average haircut for women and girls runs about $44 dollars while the national average for men and boys will cost around $28. Depending on where you live and what salon you go to you are easilly looking at spending anywhere from $10-$100 a pop. For this instance lets say your family consists of Mom, Dad, a daughter and a son.

Boys and men with short hairstyles will cut their hair on average about every 1-2 weeks. Women and girls very widely based on hairstyle. If you are growing it out or want to keep it long most hairstylist will recommend cutting your hair every 4-12 weeks. To maintain your short hair style it’s going to be more around every 4-8 weeks.

So if your son and husband need their hair cut every two weeks you are looking at paying about $1,456 a year. ($28 x 26= $728 x 2= $1,456)

Let’s say that you and your daughter are cutting your hair every 6 weeks that’s $792 ($44×9=$396x 2=$792)

$1,456+$792=$2,248 a year

That is an average of $2,248 a year you are spending on hair cuts for your family ALONE!

This is just cutting your hair! Do you get your hair colored or permed? The longer your hair the more it will probably cost. Do you get the shampoo and style while you are there or maybe your husband gets the beard and neck trim too.  Do you leave a tip?  Do the math for that too. How much a year are you really spending on you and your family’s hair?

If you are looking at your budget and needing to cut spending somewhere your hair may be a good place to start. I can save my family $2,976 a year just by cutting our own hair.  We have three boys and two girls. If I were to take that money and save it in a savings for the next 18 years I would save $53,568.  This money could go towards the kids college fund.

How to save?

Invest in a clipper set.  

You can pick one up for less than $50. That is less than what it would cost to cut your whole family’s hair one time! Be sure to get one with multiple blades to make doing different hair styles much easier.  

Get a good pair of scissors.

You can try to cut hair with your average pair of scissors but a good pair of hair cutting scissors works sooooo much better ( believe me, I tried lol). I have shared a couple of sets below that come with scissors.


Have you heard of the Original CreaClip Set and Scissors Package“>CreaClip yet? This product makes cutting long girls hair and bangs so much easier. You no longer have to guess if you have cut it straight or not. Do you want bangs or maybe even layers? You can do that too! Plus it save you a ton of money on trims. If you haven’t heard of it yet search CreaClip on YouTube and it will pull up a bunch of helpful tutorials and videos of real people cutting their own hair.

Child’s size cape

If you will be cutting little one’s hair like I do than a child’s size cape is a must. My three year old hated getting the hair all over him and the adult size cape that came with the set just didn’t cover him enough. It has saved me so much struggle and fight now that I have one that fits him. Plus I let him pick it out so he is even more excited to wear it.“>

     “> “>“>“>

So grab a pair of clippers and start cutting. If you are afraid that you don’t know how to cut hair YouTube is a fantastic tool. I hope that you have found this post helpful. Please share how you save your family extra money.

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  1. This is what I try to tell everyone! I’ve been cutting my own hair for years now since I paid $40 for a butchered haircut that made me cry. Now I cut my husbands and my sons as well. Saves so much money & I get so many compliments on my sons hair and my own (husband is going bald so we just buzz him now 🙈).

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